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Limoncello Blueberry Bundt Cake

Cake Ingredients:

1 Cup Fresh Blueberries

1/2 Tbs All-Purpose Flour

1 Box Immaculate Baking Company, Yellow Cake Mix (can be found at Meijer or Oryana)

1 1/2 Cups Butter (softened)

4 eggs

3/4 Heaping Cup of Plain, Whole Milk yogurt (not Greek)

Zest of 2 Lemons

Juice of 1 Lemon

3 Tbs Limoncello di Leelanau

Glaze Ingredients:

Zest of 1 Lemon

1 Tbs Limoncello di Leelanau

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar

Directions for Cake:

Preheat Oven to 325 F.

Brush Bundt Pan with butter and then coat with flour, knocking out any excess.

In a small bowl, toss blueberries with 1/2 Tbs flour, set aside.

In a mixing bowl combine, Cake mix, softened butter, eggs, yogurt, lemon zest and juice, and Limoncello. Mix until thoroughly combined.

With a small scoop, scoop 1/3 of batter into Bundt pan, and top with 1/2 of the flour-coated berries, then continue layering, batter, then berries and top with the final layer of batter. Bake at 325 for 50 Minutes, or until a skewer or cake tester comes out clean. Set cake on cooling rack and once mostly cooled, turn out onto a platter.

Directions for Glaze:

Mix all Glaze ingredients until smooth. Drizzle over top of cooled cake and serve. You can allow the Glaze to set up, or serve immediately. Enjoy!

Recipe by Sarah Moseler Drews


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