The Leelanau Vodka

The first product in our Distiller’s Series carries the name of the home of its creation.  This vodka is a unique palate pleaser.  It is not a cherry flavored vodka.  Instead it is a vodka distilled from 100% Leelanau County Montmorency cherries.  We do not carbon filter this vodka, so it provides a true taste of Northern Michigan terroir. 

80 Proof  

40% Alcohol by Volume

Deer Camp Vodka

This vodka was created as a tribute to the origins of Northern Latitudes Distillery. (See Our Story)  Made with Michigan Sugar Company’s sugar beet sugar, this vodka retains a unique-fruity palate that works well in fruit based cocktails or on the rocks.

86 Proof

43% Alcohol by Volume

Ice Dunes Vodka

The third in our unflavored vodkas, Ice Dunes is crafted from Michigan red winter wheat.  The wheat creates a vodka of exceptional smoothness and quality.  Use this vodka wherever you would traditionally use vodka.  Like its name, it is of course best served on ice.


84 Proof

42% Alcohol by Volume

Horseradish Vodka

This vodka has been our #1 seller since its release. Raw horseradish root gives this fiery libation its fabulous character.  Originally created as the key ingredient for the best Bloody Mary ever! Horseradish lovers should try this straight from the freezer or in a dirty martini.  Culinary adventurers, try drizzling this over oysters on the half shell or as a marinade for their favorite beef roast.


84 Proof

42% Alcohol by Volume

Jack Pine Gin

This double gold medal winning gin hits all the right notes for gin lovers and gin novices alike.  Featuring a bold pine flavor, from the juniper berries, on the front end of the taste, Jack Pine Gin surprises with a burst of citrus flavor on the middle palate from the inclusion of coriander seeds in the recipe.  Finally, Jack Pine Gin surprises with a lavender finish.  This gin is truly a year-round refresher and can be utilized in any gin cocktail.  For a twist on your Jack Pine Gin & Tonic, try orange instead of lime.  You will be amazed!

100 proof

50% Alcohol by Volume

Manitou Passage Rum

This rum’s robust flavor is derived from blackstrap molasses, which is this spirit’s base.  Blackstrap molasses is the result of the third (and last) boiling of sugar cane juice during the refining process of sugar.  Hence its bold flavor.  Blackstrap is the original base for rum making. Because of this, it harkens back to tall ships and sunny days!  This “old-style” rum is designed as a mixing rum.  Use it  in all of your rum cocktails, from Pina Coladas to Rum and Coke, and be amazed how it enhances those drinks.

86 Proof

43% Alcohol by Volume

Whaleback Spiced Rum

We combine our Manitou Passage Rum with whole vanilla beans, cinnamon, cloves and other all-natural fruits and spices, to create this lusciously balanced spiced rum.  Wonderful to sip on its own, Whaleback Spiced Rum is equally enjoyable mixed with fruit juices, Coke or piña colada mix.

100 proof

50% Alcohol by Volume

Latitudes Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Going a step further than iconic wheated bourbons such as Pappy Van Winkle and Maker’s Mark, our Latitudes Straight Bourbon Whiskey utilizes 40% wheat in its mash bill.  In addition to the very high wheat content, this bourbon is double pot distilled, then aged for a minimum of two years in Minnesota oak barrels, producing an exceedingly smooth, vanilla forward bourbon.  

88 proof

44% Alcohol by Volume

Deer Camp Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This is the only product in our line-up that we do not make on premises.  When we opened 8 years ago we wanted a bourbon in our line-up.  As a new distillery we obviously could not have our own, so we purchased this bourbon.  As time has passed, we have come out with our own Latitudes bourbon, but have come to love this purchased bourbon so much that we have decided to keep it on.  Its mash bill (75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley) is different than our wheated Latitudes Bourbon, which gives our rye loving customers a different choice.

86 Proof

43% Alcohol by Volume

Michigan Dogman Moonshine

It’s not as scary as you think!  This tagline says it all about our Michigan Dogman Moonshine.  Moonshine has historically been made from whatever agricultural product the farmer had as surplus.  We decide to chose red winter wheat, as it creates the “smoothest” moonshine.  We double distill it on our column still to “clean up” the moonshine so you can utilize it in amazing cocktail creations.  We love to put it in place of Tequila to create our delicious Moonshine Margarita. Remember!  “Don’t go out at night!”


100 Proof

50% Alcohol by Volume

Voyageur Saskatoon Berry Liqueur 

This truly unique liqueur utilizes the Saskatoon berry for its one of a kind flavor.  Saskatoon berries, cousin of apples and blueberry doppelganger, are native to North America. Ours come from Grant Farms 1.5 miles from the Distillery.  Cultivated here in Northern Michigan because of its cold weather hardiness, Saskatoons have long been a staple of native peoples’ diet. It was also a key ingredient in pemmican, a high energy food utilized by our liqueur’s namesake the Voyageurs.  This product is a limited release and is usually available from the end of June until October.  

76 proof

38% Alcohol by Volume

Cherry Bounce Cherry Liqueur

Cherry Bounce has a long and illustrious history in the U.S.  Martha Washington used to make it for George to take on his travels.  Our recipe has been enjoyed by many generations of our family.  Now you too can enjoy this beautiful, ruby-red liqueur.  We use Leelanau tart cherries, from the Grant Family Farm, and marry it with our neutral spirits.  We then add simple syrup and a large helping of patience.

70 Proof

35% ABV

Northern Roots Ginger Liqueur

Ginger has long been used as a culinary ingredient.  It is also famous in ginger beer for Moscow Mules.  Our take on this flavorful root is to marry fresh ginger root with our finest neutral spirits.  Then combine the resulting spirit with just the right amount of simple syrup. For ginger-lovers this liqueur is wonderful straight from the freezer.  In addition, use it as a substitute for that ginger beer in your Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy, or add it to hot or iced tea.  It also works wonderfully as a marinade for seafood, or in Asian dishes.

60 Proof

30% Alcohol by Volume

Limoncello di Leelanau Lemon Liqueur

This traditional Italian liqueur is created by hand peeling vast amounts of lemons.  This is done by hand so none of the “white pith” bitters this luscious liqueur.  The peels are then macerated in our finest neutral spirits, and then combined with simple syrup.  When taking the first taste, you will long for a warm summer’s day spent basking on one of the many magnificent beaches of Leelanau County!  This delicious elixir is best served straight from the freezer.

60 Proof

30% Alcohol by Volume

Mackinac Island Fudge Chocolate


We have captured the essence of Mackinac Island’s most famous export in this deliciously smooth liqueur.  Using organic cocoa powder and whole milk in the recipe, gives this liqueur what Mark calls its Golidilocks’ character… not too bitter and not too sweet, just right!  Drink this on its own or use it to make the best chocolate martini ever!  P.S. We do not use any emulsifiers, so shake well before each use to assure all that chocolate goodness is not still on the bottom of the bottle.


48 Proof

24% Alcohol by Volume 

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