Northern Latitudes Distillery - Northern Roots Ginger Liqueur

Northern Roots Ginger Liqueur

By marrying fresh ginger, our finest neutral spirit and Michigan sugar beet sugar, we have created this simple yet sumptuous liqueur. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Northern Latitudes Distillery - Manitou Passage Rum

Manitou Passage Rum

Distilled from black strap molasses, this rum's robust flavor harkens back to tall ships and sunny days. Unlike its namesake, this rum is a gentle breeze and a calm sea.

Northern Latitudes Distillery - Mackinac Island Fudge Liqueur

Mackinac Island Fudge Liqueur

A stroll down Mackinac Island's Main Street in summer means the tempting aromas of fudge wafting from every shop. We have captured the essence of the island's most famous export in this elegantly smooth liqueur. Mark calls it his Goldilocks liqueur...not too bitter and not too sweet, just right!

Northern Latitudes Distillery - Apollo Horseradish Vodka

Apollo Horseradish Vodka

This fiery libation is exactly what the name suggests. It's best served ice cold right from the freezer or as the key ingredient to the best Bloody Mary ever! How about drizzling some over oysters on the half shell?
Northern Latitudes Distillery - Jack Pine Gin

Jack Pine Gin

Just as fire brings new life to the jack pine forest, so too does fire bring new life to our neutral spirits. Local Leelanau botanicals like jack pine seed and lavender create a distinct and deeply regional gin
Northern Latitudes Distillery - Limoncello Di Leelanau

Limoncello di Leelanau

Limoncello di Leelanau is handcrafted using the most fragrant lemons, sugar from Michigan sugar beets, pure glacial water and the finest neutral spirits. When taking the first taste, you will long for a warm summer's day spent basking on one of the many magnificent beaches of Leelanau County. This delicious elixir is best served straight from the freezer. 
Northern Latitudes Distillery - Deer Camp Vodka

Deer Camp Vodka

Deer Camp Vodka is distilled from Michigan sugar beet sugar. As with all of our vodkas, we allow the spirit to retain some of the character of the main ingredient - giving this vodka a unique fruity palette.

Northern Latitudes Distillery - Ice Dunes Vodka

Ice Dunes Vodka

An ice dune is a formation of ice that accumulates on the shores of many Great Lakes beaches. Persistent winds stack sheets of ice against the shoreline and waves of freezing water crash upon them. This constant barrage builds dramatic crystalline structures. This vodka is created in the same spirit as the ice dune. Crafted from the finest Michigan grain, Ice Dunes Vodka contains pure glacial water and is cold-filtered to achieve uncompromising quality. It is, of course, best served on ice.
Deer Camp Whiskey by Northern Latitudes Distillery

Deer Camp Whiskey

Deer Camp is a special place and time. Something we look forward to all year. It is about family, friends, good company, good food, good drink, and tradition. Oh yeah, and going after the elusive whitetail! Tradition in our Deer Camp says the first successful hunter buys the first round for everyone at Camp. We have created Deer Camp Straight Bourbon Whiskey so you too may buy the first round or celebrate your own traditions at that magical place called Deer Camp!